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Connect Core server to corporate LAN

All systems require this process. Provide GV STRATUS servers access to the corporate LAN.

Corporate LAN access is required for GV STRATUS server variants of Express, Core, Proxy server, and Proxy Storage file system server.

Both local and remote GV STRATUS client PCs must be able to resolve the hostname of the core server.

If your GV STRATUS system is on a domain, all servers and client PCs on that system that have any interaction with Grass Valley components must be logged on to Windows with a domain user account. Do not use a local user account.

  1. Work with the IT personnel at the customer site to configure Domain, DNS, DHCP, or any other settings required by the site’s LAN.
  2. If you have GV STRATUS applications on a different Windows domain from the server, define a trust relationship (one way or two way).

    For example, you could have your GV STRATUS on Windows domain A with a trust in the B domain. GV STRATUS applications running on Windows domain B can then connect to the server on Windows domain A.

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