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Enabling and disabling rules

You can make a rule become active or inactive while retaining its configuration.
  1. Log in to the GV STRATUS Control Panel application with administrator privileges.
  2. In the GV STRATUS Control Panel application, click General | Rules.
  3. Select Rules Monitor. The Rules Monitor list is displayed.

  4. To disable a rule, select a rule with a Status that reports Enabled and click Disable. The button toggles between Enable and Disable, depending on the status of the selected rule.
  5. To enable a rule, do the following:
    1. Select a rule with a Status that does not report Enabled and click Enable. The Confirm Activation dialog box opens and reports the number of current segments and assets to which the rule applies.

    2. Select options as follows:
      • All existing Assets: The rule immediately evaluates existing assets and takes action accordingly.
        Note: Take care when using this option. Assets for which the rule action successfully completed previously can have the rule action applied again, resulting in a large amount of unnecessary rule activity.
      • Newly changed Assets only: The rules is enabled but it does not take action on existing assets. Rather, it waits until an asset changes and then evaluates the asset to take action.
      • Cancel: The rule is not enabled.
Consider the Rules Engine setting Startup Mode and the Confirm Activation option when you enable a rule, as the behavior is similar. With the Rules Engine setting you specify the behavior of all currently enabled rules when the Rules Engine starts up. With the Confirm Activation option, you specify the behavior of an individual rule when you manually enable the rule.

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