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Configure Avid Interplay send destinations

Only systems that send assets to Avid Interplay require this process.
  • A separate server machine was configured and the MEWS software deployed by SiteConfig.
  • The Avid ISIS storage system must be installed and operational.
Configure a location as follows:
  1. In GV STRATUS Control Panel, navigate to General | Locations Config | Locations Configuration | Add.

  2. Configure as follows:
    Setting or button Description
    Location Name The name of the location, as it appears in the application. This can be any name, as appropriate for your workflow. This identifies the Avid Interplay system when sending assets to Avid in the GV STRATUS application.
    Description Your description of the location.
    Source / Destination Set to Destination.
    Usable by Set to Avid Interplay.
    Location Path The UNC path to the Avid MediaFiles\MXF folder within the required workspace on the Avid ISIS storage. You can browse to the folder location to select the correct destination in your network.
    Interplay Folder The Interplay folder where the asset and corresponding metadata will be checked-in to Interplay. Use the following format:


    For example: //InterplayWG/projects/FromStratus

    Interplay Folder Credentials The user name, domain name, and password to access the Interplay folder.
    Container Format MEWS offers two container types when sending assets from GV STRATUS to Avid Interplay. Select one from the folowing:
    • MEWS Atoms - do not support growing files.
    • AMT Atoms - support sending (opening and editing) growing files from K2 to Avid. Select this option if you intend to send K2 files to Avid Interplay while they’re still recording.
      Note: For assets transfers via AMT Atoms, markers must be named with valid Avid Interplay "user name" for markers to be successfully transferred into the Avid system.
    Important: AMT Atoms do not support any 1080p formats at the moment. Select MEWS Atoms if you need to send 1080p assets to Avid Interplay.
    Audio mapping This setting is only applicable when Avid Media Composer, Avid ISIS, or Avid Interplay system is selected.

    Specifies the audio track mapping of assets to be exported into Avid system. Audio track profiles can be created via the Audio Tag Management setting in the GV STRATUS Control Panel. Those audio profiles are then selectable in the Audio Mapping drop-down list when configuring export into the Avid system.

    Is Local Time Specifies the date and time of metadata fields for Avid in local time, instead of UTC. This setting is only applicable when Avid Media Composer, Avid ISIS, or Avid Interplay system is selected.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. To configure which GV STRATUS metadata fields are transferred to Interplay, go to Metadata | Metadata Export in GV STRATUS Control Panel.
  5. Select metadata fields under the Avid column that should be passed to Interplay when assets are sent from GV STRATUS.

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