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Adding the Transfer to Avid rule for automatic transfers into Avid ISIS / Interplay systems

GV STRATUS allows the automatic process of sending content from GV STRATUS / K2 systems to Avid Interplay / ISIS via a workflow rule.
  • The MEWS system must be installed and operational.
  • The MEWS system must be configured in GV STRATUS Control Panel Engines settings.
  • The Avid ISIS storage system must be installed and operational.
Configure the rule as follows:
  1. In GV STRATUS Control Panel, navigate to General | Rules | Rule Editor | Add.

  2. Configure the rule as follows:
    Setting or button Description
    Rule Type Select Transfer to Avid.
    Name Enter a rule name as it will appear in the Rules Monitor page.
    Scope | Add Location Select the GV STRATUS bin to which the rule will apply, exporting assets from GV STRATUS to ISIS/Interplay.
    Frequency Select when the rule is triggered.
    Destination Select the previously configured Avid Interplay destination. In the example above, it would be called “AvidInterplay”.
    Rule Conditions | Add Condition Choose the preferred criteria which will trigger the export. For example, if a custom metadata field has been created in GV STRATUS called “Send to Avid”, which when selected, will trigger the material transfer. In the example above, only when assets are set to a rating of 5 stars, the transfer rule is triggered.
    Set Metadata | Add Metadata Define the metadata value which will be added into the data field of the asset when the rule is applied to. For each metadata, click the Add Metadata button and select from the drop-down list to select the metadata.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Next, enable the rule.

Assets from GV STRATUS are transferred automatically according to the scope set up for the rule, to the pre-determined ISIS workspace and checked-in to the relevant Interplay folder.

Asset transfer jobs can be monitored in the Avid Transfer Monitor as well as on the GV STRATUS Asset Transfers Monitor.

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