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Access K2 storage for EDIUS using standard convention

EDIUS components require access to K2 storage. This access can be configured several ways, but problems can arise when different conventions are used. To reduce potential problems and make troubleshooting easier, use the same convention for all EDIUS devices and components. For example, with UNC paths, do not use a hostname for one setting and an IP address for another setting. This includes settings for EDIUS XRE Server, EDIUS XS, and EDIUS Workgroup.

The following types of access are used by EDIUS components to access K2 storage:
  • Shared EDIUS projects folder: The device hosting EDIUS components uses a UNC path to access the EDIUS projects folder. The folder must be shared to allow access by the EDIUS device, but no drive mapping is required. This type of access is used by current EDIUS XS components and EDIUS Workgroup components.
  • iSCSI: The device hosting EDIUS components is an iSCSI client to a K2 SAN. The entire K2 media file system, which is the V: drive, is accessible. This type of access is used by EDIUS Workgroup components and EDIUS XRE Server components.
  • Mapped V: drive: The device hosting EDIUS components maps the entire K2 storage V: drive as a network drive. The V: drive must be shared to allow access by the EDIUS device. This type of access is used by previous versions of EDIUS XS components. If an EDIUS XRE Server is not an iSCSI client, this type of access can be used by EDIUS XRE Server components.
  1. On the K2 storage system device, which is typically the K2 SAN's K2 Media Server (FSM), make sure the EDIUS projects folder is shared so that the following devices have Read/Write access:
    • EDIUS XS client PCs
    • EDIUS XRE Server
    • EDIUS Workgroup client PCs, if you have any in your system.
  2. For the device that requires access to the EDIUS projects folder, such as an EDIUS XS client PC, verify UNC path access. For example, enter the following in Windows Explorer and verify that the directory opens:


  3. For other settings to the EDIUS projects folder, use the same UNC path convention, such as \\k2-san-fsm\EDIUS_Projects. This includes the following settings:
    • In GV STRATUS Control Panel, the EDIUS XS default project location setting.
    • On the EDIUS XRE Server, XRE Management Server settings.
    • EDIUS Workgroup settings.
Whether typing in the path or browsing the network and selecting the folder, make sure the convention is the same for all EDIUS components.

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