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Configuring the XML metadata file name extension

GV STRATUS rules support file transfer into external management systems. For compatibility with the external system, you can set a specific file name extension in the XML metadata export profile for smooth transfers in your operation.

  1. On the machine where the Transcode Control Engine is installed, locate the folder containing the metadata export profiles in the path below:

    C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\STRATUS Transcode Engine\Profiles\AssetMetadataExport

  2. Select the XSLT metadata export profile, create a copy, and rename the file.

    For example, copy "GV STRATUS Simple.xslt" and rename the new file as "GV STRATUS MRSS.xslt".

  3. Open the new file with a text editor of your choice, e.g. Notepad.exe.
  4. Add the line below with the desired file extension anywhere (but not inside an XML tag):
    <!-- FileExtension="mrss" -->

    It is recommended to add it directly above the line with the first template match: <xsl:template match="/">

  5. Click Save and close the file.

For the XSLT metadata export profile, it is just an XML comment line. However, it will activate the Transcode Control Engine to create the correct file name extension as specified.

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