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Adding an Elemental transcode profile

GV STRATUS rules support transcode profiles you create using third party applications. This topic provides steps for the Elemental® Server web application. Refer to the manufacturer's product latest documentation for the list of supported formats.

  1. In GV STRATUS Control Panel Xcode Control engine settings, configure working directory, Elemental server and transcode settings.
  2. Using the Elemental Server web application, do the following:
    1. Configure the working directory as a mount point in Elemental. This is the working directory that you configured in Xcode Control engine settings.
    2. Configure profiles for use by GV STRATUS rules as follows:
      • Only one output format per transcode profile is supported by GV STRATUS rules.
      • For an export rule, the profile description must start with the word Stratus.
      • For an import rule, the profile must be a format supported by the K2 and GV STRATUS system and the profile description must start with the words Stratus Import.
    Refer to Elemental product documentation as necessary.
  3. Wait approximately two minutes for the GV STRATUS system to detect the Elemental configuration as a transcode profile.

Transcode profiles are available as Transcode Formats when configuring GV STRATUS rules.

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