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Applying rules via the GV STRATUS UI

  • The Visible in STRATUS UI check-box must be selected under Rule Options section in General | Rules | Rule Editor of GV STRATUS Control Panel. If permissions settings had been configured, only specific users and groups are allowed to apply the rules via GV STRATUS UI.
  • Optionally, select STRATUS UI only option under Frequency section when configuring the rule in Rule Editor tab to only trigger the rule from the UI.
  • The rule must be enabled in GV STRATUS Control Panel.
You can trigger rules to be applied on assets via context menu in the Asset List. This is applicable to Export, Transfer, Archive, Custom, and Publish Social Media rules.
  1. In GV STRATUS application, select an asset to be applied with the rule in Asset List.
  2. Right-click on the asset and select Apply Rule | {Rule Name}.

The rule is automatically triggered and applied on the asset.

Note: Triggering a rule via Asset List will ignore whatever Rule Conditions that have been set up for the rule in GV STRATUS Control Panel.

You can see the progress of applied rule in Jobs Monitor. In the Type column, the job displays as Rules Workflow Job.

After the job is completed, you can see the rule name in the Rules Applied field on the Properties tab of the asset in Inspector.

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