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Simulating rules

Before enabling a rule, you can run a rule as a simulation to determine the assets affected by the rule. This avoids the long processing time and resource load that can result when enabling a rule that affects more assets than you expect.
Note: Rule simulation does not apply to Import Rules.
  1. Log in to the GV STRATUS Control Panel application with administrator privileges.
  2. In the GV STRATUS Control Panel application, click General | Rules.
  3. Do one of the following to select the rule to simulate:
    • Select Rules Monitor and from the list of rules displayed, select a rule.

    • Open a rule in the Rule Editor by clicking Add or Modify as appropriate.
  4. Click Simulate.

    The Affected Assets dialog box opens and reports the number of current assets to which the rule applies. It also lists the affected assets.

  5. On the Affected Assets dialog box, click OK to close.

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