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Configure and authenticate YouTube location

Only systems that publish assets to YouTube channel require this process.
  • The express/core server, workflow server, or separate server must be configured with the GV STRATUS Social Media Engine role and deployed by SiteConfig.
  • The Social Media Engine must be running in GV STRATUS Control Panel Engines settings.
  • Both "STRATUS-SMNSOCIALMEDIAENGINE” and “STRATUS-SMNYOUTUBE” licenses are installed on the core/express or separate server.
Configure a location as follows:
  1. In GV STRATUS Control Panel, navigate to General | Locations Config | External Media | Add.

    The External Media Location Configuration dialog appears.

  2. Configure as follows:
    Setting or button Description
    Location Name The name of the location, as it appears in the application. This can be any name, as appropriate for your workflow. This identifies the YouTube location when publishing assets to your YouTube channel via the GV STRATUS application.
    Description Your description of the location.
    Platform Select YouTube from the drop-down list.
    E-mail Address Enter the email address of the YouTube account.
  3. Click Register.

    A web-browser opens automatically for you to enter the account credentials.

  4. If the web-browser opens but does not display the login page, you must add the following sites as “Trusted Sites” in the browser’s “Security” options.

  5. Enter your password in the login page, and click Next.

    The GV STRATUS configuration page opens.

  6. Click Allow for GV STRATUS system to access and manage assets on your YouTube account.

    The YouTube location configuration is completed when the Registration successful message appears as below:

  7. Click Apply to save the YouTube location configuration in the GV STRATUS Control Panel.
Next, configure the Publish External Media network rule.

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