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Focusing on a viewer in a tool

This is only applicable to GV STRATUS tools with multiple embedded views such as Inspector, Advanced Logging Suite, Segmentation, or Storyboard Editor.

You can easily select an embedded view to move focus to that part of the tool.

  1. To select a specific panel in a tool, use keyboard shortcuts Shift + Tab to view and select from the list.

    The pop-up dialog appears with a list of panels in the tool with thumbnails.

    In case of multiple viewers such as in the Storyboard Editor, you can select to focus either on the Source Viewer or Sequence Viewer.

    Examples below are for the Segmentation and Advanced Logging tools.

  2. Press the Tab key repeatedly to move down the list, and release your hold of the Shift key to select a panel or viewer.

    The selected panel or viewer is now in focus.

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