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Focusing on a tool

You can easily select and focus on a specific tool in the GV STRATUS application.

  1. To select a tool from the list of opened tools, use keyboard shortcuts as follows:
    • Ctrl + Tab, or
    • Alt + F7

    The pop-up dialog appears with a list of opened tools with thumbnails.

  2. Press Tab or F7 key repeatedly to move down the list, and release the hold on Ctrl or Alt key to select a tool.

    In addition, you can also press Shift together with Ctrl + Tab or Alt + F7 keys to move up the list. Then, release the hold on all shortcut keys to select a tool from the list.

When selected, the tool is given focus. If the tool includes a player or viewer such as the Inspector, Advanced Logging Suite, Segmentation, or Storyboard Editor, then the primary viewer in the tool is automatically in focus.

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