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Adding metadata to assets with angles

The following only applies to assets associated with multiple angles.

  1. Drag the asset from the Asset List into the Inspector panel.

    The Load Options dialog appears.

  2. Select Load all angles to load all assets with associated angles.

    Select the Do not ask again checkbox to load all angles each time you view an asset with multiple angles, if desired.

    Assets load into the Inspector panel.

  3. Add or modify asset metadata such as tags, description, or comments in the General section of the Inspector panel.

    The metadata is applicable to all loaded assets with multiple angles.

    If you added a description in the Inspector panel, the same description appears for all associated assets in the Asset List.

  4. To only add metadata to a specific asset, click the Property Options button next to a specific field in the Inspector panel.

    The Property Options button is deselected, and the button color changes from blue to gray.

    The newly added metadata is not applicable to all associated assets.

  5. Click the Property Options button again if you want the metadata to be applicable to those assets with multiple angles.

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