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Adding or modifying audio tags of an asset

  • The asset type is not a List.
  • The asset status is not set as Protected.
  • The asset is not associated to an archived asset.
  • You must be assigned with either one of the following:
    • Media Manager role, or
    • Write permission for Audio Tags in Core | Metadata | Permissions in GV STRATUS Control Panel
  • Ensure the Meter Display setting is configured to Audio Tags (if present) option in Edit | User Preferences | Player of the GV STRATUS application.
  1. In the Asset List, double-click the asset. The asset loads in the Inspector panel.
  2. Select the Audio Tags tab.

    The Audio Tags tab displays.

  3. Select an audio track from the list.
  4. Click the drop-down list under the Label column and select a tag for the audio track.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 to add or modify audio tags of other tracks in the asset.

Labels of audio tags display on audio meters of the Player as set in the Audio Tags tab.

If your Audio Tag labels are not displayed on the Player, go to Edit | User Preferences | Player | Meter Display and select Audio Tags (if present) option as shown below:

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