Other Topic Library Versions

Adding or modifying metadata

  1. To add or modify metadata in the Inspector panel, do the following:
    1. Open an asset in the Inspector panel.

    2. On the Properties tab, click the Show/Hide button of the General or Other (if displayed) section to display metadata.
    3. Add star ratings, tags, descriptions, comments and other information. Tags are comma delimited, so you can enter multiple tags.
    4. To add a keyword, click the Add Keyword button. ( )
    5. To add a marker, click the Add Marker button. ( Insert)
  2. To add or modify metadata in an Asset List, do the following:
    1. Display assets in an Asset List.
    2. View the Asset List in the Details view.
    3. Display the desired columns.
    4. Use ALT + Click to modify text.

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