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About installing the GV STRATUS system

This manual provides two paths for installing your GV STRATUS system, as follows:
  • Commissioning process — Follow this process as your primary path. It assumes you received your system completely set up and configured from Grass Valley.
  • Complete system installation process — Use this process only if you must change the system configuration or if there are system setup or configuration processes that are incomplete. Browse this process and do the appropriate items.
Read the following to familiarize yourself with your GV STRATUS system before you begin the commissioning process:
  • GV STRATUS system software and documentation is available for download from the Grass Valley website.
  • The GV STRATUS application runs on off-the-shelf Windows operating system computers. These GV STRATUS client PCs are supplied by the customer that owns the GV STRATUS system. Grass Valley does not supply these computers.
  • GV STRATUS services run on one or more GV STRATUS servers that are supplied by Grass Valley with all the necessary hardware and software installed. GV STRATUS software licenses are required to support the customer workflow. Licenses are installed on the GV STRATUS server with role of Common Services.
  • The GV STRATUS Control Panel application runs on a PC that has network access to the GV STRATUS Core server.
  • With the installation instructions in this section, you use SiteConfig from a network connected control point PC and remotely install/upgrade software simultaneously on your system devices. This is the recommended process for software installation and upgrades. When installing the GV STRATUS application or the GV STRATUS Control Panel application, if SiteConfig installation is not possible, you may install manually on the local PC. You must uninstall before installing.
  • There should be just one instance of SiteConfig installed on a single PC.
  • A designated Control Point PC is optional for the GV STRATUS system. If your GV STRATUS system access a K2 SAN, then the SAN's Control Point PC typically functions as the Control Point PC for the GV STRATUS system as well. GV STRATUS Control Panel, SiteConfig, K2Config, and SNMP manager applications are installed on the Control Point PC.
  • Refer to release information and upgrade information for instructions on obtaining software licenses and upgrading the GV STRATUS system.

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