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Using the EDIUS Project Migration tool

To work on existing EDIUS projects after upgrading to GV STRATUS version 4.5 and above, you need to migrate your projects using the EDIUS Project Migration tool.

The project migration tool does not reconstruct contents locks. It only creates associations between EDIUS Project Group and EDIUS Project file in the GV STRATUS database.

The EDIUS Project Migration tool will be installed automatically when EDIUS XS is deployed with SiteConfig or the Standalone Installation Kit.

You must launch the MS-DOS Command Prompt on the GV STRATUS Core server and use the command line below to utilize the EDIUS Project Migration tool.

EdiusProjectMigration.exe [Action] [Options] <host>
Note: Only [Options] are optional in the command line.

Refer to the table below for the list of supported commands for the EDIUS Project Migration tool:

Command Line Description
-m, --migrate [Action] : Migrate EDIUS projects or templates into GV STRATUS server.
--deleteGroup={URI} [Action] : Delete content of the group specified in {URI} of the GV STRATUS server.
-t, --test [Action] : Test the migration with GV STRATUS server only. There is no change in the GV STRATUS database.
--deleteLocks [Action] : Delete the EDIUS Lock bin after the project tree is constructed.
-h, --help [Action] : Show options for the project migration tool.
-p, --port={PORT} [Option] : Port number in order to use the Asset API.
-s, --scanFilesystem [Option] : Scan not only the EDIUS lock bin, but also the whole file system.
-d, --destination={URI} [Option] : Destination of EDIUS projects to be migrated specified in {URI} of the GV STRATUS server.
--templates [Option] : Migrate EDIUS templates only instead of EDIUS projects.
-x, --xml={DIRECTORY} [Option] : Directory to store the XML file. When this option is specified, the tool will not construct project tree in GV STRATUS core server.
-i, --interactive [Option] : Wait for key input before updating the GV STRATUS database.
<host> Host name of the GV STRATUS Core server. It is mandatory to include the host name in the command line.

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