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Adding a GV STRATUS client PC to a K2 SAN

  1. On the PC that hosts K2Config, open the K2Config application. A log on dialog box opens.

  2. Log on to the K2Config application with the administrator account. The K2Config application opens.
  3. In the K2Config application tree view, verify that the K2 SAN has the correct number of clients, according to your system design. If the correct number of clients is not currently added to the K2 SAN, you can add or remove clients now (before clients are configured), as follows:
    • To add a client, select the top node of the storage system and click the Add Device button. The Add Device dialog box opens. Select Generic and then click OK.
    • To remove a client, select an unconfigured client and click the Remove button.
  4. Select a client and click the Configure button.

The configuration wizard opens to page 1.

Note: If your system has a large number of iSCSI clients, you are prompted to restart the server that has the role of SNFS file system server when you configure clients and cross the following thresholds: 64 clients; 80 clients; 96 clients.

Next, configure the GV STRATUS client PC on the K2 SAN.

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