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Adding an Render Engine Server to a SAN

Before doing this task, verify the following:
  • On the Render Engine, in Windows Services Control Panel, Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service must be started and set to startup type Automatic.
  • If adding the Render Engine to a redundant K2 SAN, MPIO software must be installed on the Render Engine.
  1. If you have not already done so, in SiteConfig, add the server to the appropriate group and verify that it is communicating correctly on networks.
  2. In the K2Config application tree view, select the name of the K2 SAN, which is the top node of the storage system tree.
  3. Click Add Device. The Add Device dialog box opens.
  4. Select GV STRATUS Core Services Server. This is the correct selection for the any of the following types of GV STRATUS servers:
    • Render Engine
  5. Click OK. The new server appears in the tree view.

Next, if the server is a redundant iSCSI client on a K2 SAN, install MPIO software. Then configure the server.

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