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Identify test applications and setup

All systems require this process. Locate the applications pre-installed for test purposes and verify test environment.

Grass Valley pre-installs all the applications you need to test basic system functionality. Before beginning with your tests, find the applications and make sure you understand the system setup you are testing.

When Grass Valley pre-installs applications for test purposes, in some cases the applications are installed on systems that do not meet the application's system requirements. This can cause minor functional anomalies that should not be interpreted as system problems. For example, a server platform does not have the graphics support required for the GV STRATUS application, so some complex graphic displays, such as overlay transport controls, do not appear. In these cases use the application for basic system test purposes only.

  1. Find test applications according to your system design, as follows:
    • GV STRATUS system (Express) with no K2 SAN:
      • K2 Summit systems — K2 AppCenter
      • GV STRATUS Express server — SiteConfig, GV STRATUS Control Panel, and GV STRATUS applications. All applications for test purposes only.
    • GV STRATUS system (A1, B1, C1) with a K2 SAN:
      • K2 Summit systems — K2 AppCenter
      • The K2 SAN's control point PC — SiteConfig and GV STRATUS Control Panel applications. Also the GV STRATUS application, for test purposes only.
  2. Verify the state of your system at first power up, as follows:
    • GV STRATUS systems ship from Grass Valley with network configuration set to a workgroup named GRASS VALLEY.
    • All Windows operating system devices are a part of the GRASS VALLEY workgroup, with the same user groups, accounts, and passwords.
    • If your system has a GV STRATUS Express server, your site's GV STRATUS licenses (SabreTooth) are installed on that server. Otherwise they are installed on the GV STRATUS server with role of Common Services.
    • In the GV STRATUS Control Panel application, all licenses are assigned to the user group Administrators, which includes the user GVAdmin.
    • In the GV STRATUS Control Panel application, for your highest level license, all roles are assigned to the user GVAdmin.
  3. Leave network configuration set to workgroup to perform initial tests at first power up. With your system in this state you can validate basic operations without introducing potential networking/permissions problems.
  4. When testing, log in to all devices and applications as user Administrator.
  5. After the system is commissioned and all operations are fully verified, ensure that applications installed on system devices for test purposes only are not used as part of the site's operational workflow. Applications are not supported for operation with full production workloads in these locations.

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