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SabreTooth Web Client license process

Only the GV STRATUS server with role of Common Services requires this process. Typically the GV STRATUS Core server has the role of Common Services.

Only one license is required to use Web Client in your GV STRATUS system. It is a SabreTooth floating license, and not restricted to a single computer.


If you received your system pre-configured from Grass Valley, licenses are already installed, so you can skip these tasks. Otherwise, do the following:

  1. Refer to the license sheet that you received with your GV STRATUS license. The license sheet has the Sales Order number that you need.
  2. On the GV STRATUS server with role of Common Services, run the SabreTooth License Manager, generate a unique ID, and send the email to Grass Valley requesting your license or licenses. Refer to this Topic Library for detailed licensing procedures.
  3. When you receive your license file, use SabreTooth License Manager and install it on the server.

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