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Removing EDIUS projects from Assets | EDIUS Projects node

  • Existing EDIUS projects have been migrated using the EDIUS Project Migration tool.
  • You already saved a backup of the folder to be removed.
  1. In the EDIUS Projects node of the GV STRATUS Navigator, select the group folder of EDIUS projects that you want to remove.
  2. Drag the selected bin and drop it into the Inspector.

    The group folder properties load into the Inspector.

  3. On the Properties tab, click the arrow to display Other properties.
  4. Right-click on the URI and select Copy "URI" value to copy the Group ID of the folder.

  5. Launch the MS-DOS Command Prompt and change directory to the location of the EDIUS Project Migration tool.
  6. To delete projects in the group folder, enter the following command:
    EDIUSProjectMigration.exe –-deleteGroup=URI-value core-server-name

    Below is the example of the command line:

    EDIUSProjectMigration.exe –-deleteGroup=3b10ba23-46d0-46c5-8939-bbe2110ca7b1/,container/generic

The EDIUS project and its sub-folders are removed from the group folder. However, the group folder is not deleted via the EDIUS Project Migration tool.

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