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Deleting EDIUS Lock bin

  • You already have a backup of the EDIUS Lock bin in your system.
  • Existing EDIUS projects have been migrated using the EDIUS Project Migration tool.
  • The EDIUS Lock bin must not be deleted until all projects are saved again in EDIUS.
  1. Launch the MS-DOS Command Prompt and change directory to the location of the extracted EDIUS Project Migration tool.
  2. To delete the EDIUS Lock bin, enter the following command:
    EDIUSProjectMigration.exe –-deleteLocks core-server-name

EDIUS Lock bin and its contents are removed from GV STRATUS and K2 AppCenter applications.

Note: If an asset or part of the asset is in use or referenced, the asset will not be deleted. If you are a user with the Media Manager role, you can first unlink the reference to EDIUS Project or sequence in the Delete Type window, and then delete the asset.

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