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Installing EDIUS application software without SiteConfig

  • If installing to a PC on which you have previously installed EDIUS Pro (not EDIUS for STRATUS), EDIUS and supporting software must first be uninstalled before attempting to install EDIUS for STRATUS.
  • The PC must meet GV STRATUS Client PC system requirements.
  • Windows High Priority updates are required and must be installed. For more details, refer to Install Important Windows updates for EDIUS.

The recommended process for software installation and upgrades is to use SiteConfig from a network connected control point PC and remotely deploy software. However, if SiteConfig installation is not possible, you may install manually on the local PC. Use these steps to manually install the EDIUS application.

  1. Procure the following:
    • EDIUS STRATUS Standalone Installation Kit (SIK). This is a directory of files and sub-directories containing components to support the installation.
  2. Copy the EDIUS_STRATUS_SIK directory to any location on the GV STRATUS/EDIUS client PC.
  3. Open the EDIUS_STRATUS_SIK\deliverables\Modules directory and identify the EDIUS software cab file, if any, that is in the directory, then proceed as follows:
    • If the EDIUS software cab file is the correct version to install, skip ahead to the next step.
    • If the EDIUS software cab file is not the correct version to install, delete the file, then copy the correct cab file to the directory.
  4. Open EDIUS_STRATUS_SIK\deliverables\Setup. A cmd window opens and an EDIUS Installer dialog box opens and reports installation progress.
  5. When prompted, restart the GV STRATUS/EDIUS client PC.

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