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Viewing the properties of an item

You can view the properties of an item in several locations in the application.
  • To view basic asset properties as a tooltip, hover the mouse pointer over an item in the Asset List panel.
  • To view more asset properties, open the asset in the Inspector panel and view the General section.
  • To view properties of a playlist or sequence event, right-click on the event in the Editor Panel and select Properties, or drag the event to the Inspector panel. The event's properties display in the Inspector panel.
  • To modify the display of properties in Tiles view, right-click on the Asset List panel, select Tile Properties, and reorder the top three items as desired.
  • To view the properties associated with a keyword or marker, hover the mouse pointer over the symbol associated with that keyword or marker. The thumbnail and properties associated with the keyword or marker appear as an overlay tooltip.

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