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Logging assets in Live Mode

You can log an asset while it's still recording by adding markers via Live Mode.

  1. Load the still recording asset into the Source Viewer.
  2. Click the Live Streaming Video button to preview the asset in Live Mode.

    The K2 Summit and channel information where the live stream is coming from is displayed on the upper right corner of the Source Viewer.

  3. Click the Play button to play the asset.
  4. To log the asset, do one of the following below:
    • Click the appropriate logging button on the Button Panel.
    • Press the keyboard shortcut keys that have been set for your logging buttons.

    The marker appears on the Marker Panel. Enter the description of the marker if desired.

    Logging is only allowed at the current timecode of the stream as displayed by the timecode control in Source Viewer. Scrubbing is disabled in Live Mode.

    Live Mode ends when the asset stops recording.

The marker is added and automatically saved to the asset. A symbol indicates its location in the Source Viewer. If you select a symbol, the thumbnail associated with that point is loaded into the Source Viewer and the slider is moved to that position.

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