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About the GVRE Transcoder

GV Render Engine now supports a new function as a generic transcoder for imports and exports. With the introduction of Grass Valley's own transcoder, this improved the import process by writing the rendering result straight into K2 Summit systems compared to transcoding via third party providers. As a result, the new asset is available while it is being imported. While for exports, the related transcoding of export material is improved by reading directly from K2 Summit storage rather than waiting for completion of a previous transfer to a temporary location before transcoding.

For both imports and exports, different transcoding formats are required as follows:

  • Imports — related transcoding profiles can be taken from GV STRATUS Formats configuration
  • Exports — related transcoding profiles need to be generated by an EDIUS or XRE Transcoder Application

After new transcoding profiles have been imported into the system, they can be used for import and export rules.

The maximum concurrent number of transcode jobs can be configured in the GV STRATUS Control Panel.

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