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Creating Export Transcode Profiles

Exports of transcoded files are based on Transcode Profiles that specify the video codec, resolution, frame rate, field order, timecode, and aspect ratio. Transcode profiles (*.tpd files) must be created with an EDIUS or XRE Transcoder application. Then, those transcode profiles must be added into the GV STRATUS system via the XRE Transcoding Profile Tool.

Each transcode profile is built to correspond to a specific transcode operation via the GVRE Transcoder. Multiple transcode profiles can be created, according to workflow needs and corresponding GV STRATUS rules.

Note: Export transcode profile (*.tpd file) for Apple ProRes video compression format is not supported by the EDIUS application, therefore it must be created with the XRE Transcoder application or alternatively procured from Grass Valley.

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