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Creating and modifying bins and groups

  • To create bins, you must be logged on to the GV STRATUS application user account with the assigned role of Bin Creation Rights.

Use this procedure to create or modify a bin in your K2 Summit/SAN system storage.

Creating or modifying a bin under the Locations node in Navigator affects a corresponding bin in K2 storage. Groups created under the Groups node in Navigator create shortcut folders in the STRATUS database, which do not correspond directly to K2 bins.

  1. Do one of the following to create a bin:
    • In the Navigator panel, right-click a K2 Summit/SAN system or a bin.
    • Right-click in an Asset List panel for a K2 Summit/SAN system bin.
    Note: To prevent corrupting the K2 database, do not exceed 8 nested bins levels when creating bins.
  2. Select New | Bin. A New Bin dialog box opens.
  3. Enter a name for your bin and click OK.
  4. If GV STRATUS security settings are enforced, load the bin into Inspector and verify bin ownership.

    If the parent bin has Owner Hint security settings configured, the created bin automatically inherits the configured owner or owners, regardless of the user account creating the bin.

  5. To change a bin name, right-click a bin and select Rename.

    You must be assigned Rename Bin Rights in GV STRATUS Control Panel. If GV STRATUS security settings are enforced, you must have adequate permissions. If not, menu selections are disabled.

    Rename bins with care. A bin containing a large number of assets can consume system resources for an extended period of time while the rename operation is applied.

    Note: Renaming a bin removes it from the Favorites node. You must add the bin to the Favorites node again after renaming it.

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