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Exporting assets from a K2 Summit system

  • If exporting to a folder on the C: drive, the drive must be a network share allowing read and write access to the internal system account, which by default is GVAdmin.
In the Navigator panel, you can export assets through a context menu, or by dragging and dropping the assets, from a Grass Valley system bin to a network-mapped drive. This procedure describes using the context menu.
  1. In the Navigator panel, select the source bin on the K2 system.
  2. Right-click on the asset or assets that you want to export and select the appropriate command:
    • Copy To or Copy/Paste — Copies the asset or assets, leaving the original in the source folder.
  3. Select the destination bin, and click OK.

    To export, you can also drag and drop assets into the destination bin.

    The Export Options dialog box displays.
  4. Use the drop-down arrow to select the export format and click OK. The export is initiated. If exporting multiple assets, transfer jobs are queued.
  5. To monitor the status of the export, open the Jobs List.

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