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Importing files to a Grass Valley system

  • If importing from a folder on the GV STRATUS client PC C: drive, the drive must be a network-mapped C$.
  • File format must be supported for import to the Grass Valley system.
  • If quota is configured on the K2 system destination bin, ensure you have enough disk space before importing clips.
  • It is recommended to set the bin quota to at least 2GB for the destination bin. You are not allowed to begin importing into a bin if there is less than 1GB of space remaining in that bin.

You can import files to a Grass Valley system through a context menu in the Navigator panel, send assets from a network-mapped drive to a bin on a Grass Valley system, or drag and drop assets directly into a folder.

This procedure describes using the context menu.

  1. In the Navigator panel, select the source folder on the network-mapped drive.
  2. Right-click on the asset or assets that you want to import and select the appropriate command:
    • Copy To or Copy/Paste — Copies the asset or assets, leaving the original in the source folder.
  3. Select the destination bin, and click OK. If the destination bin is grayed out, it is not a valid destination. The transfer is initiated. If transferring multiple assets, transfer jobs are queued.
  4. To monitor the status of the transfer, open the Jobs List.

    While transferring, if the destination quota is reached, the transfer job will fail gracefully in the Jobs Monitor and the partial asset will be deleted from the destination.

    Note: Due to Microsoft Windows limitations, files and directories from network shares are not updated automatically.

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