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About the corporate LAN and SiteConfig

GV STRATUS client PCs can be on the corporate LAN, which is considered an unmanaged network in SiteConfig. Since SiteConfig does not manage the network, you cannot use SiteConfig to configure network settings on those GV STRATUS client PCs. However, you must still configure your system description to include the corporate LAN, for the following purposes:

  • A GV STRATUS client PC should be a SiteConfig managed device, so SiteConfig needs to know the connection for each network interface on the device, including the corporate LAN connection. Otherwise, SiteConfig displays error messages.
  • If a GV STRATUS client PC uses a DNS server on the corporate LAN for name resolution, SiteConfig needs to reference that DNS server.
  • You should use SiteConfig to deploy GV STRATUS application software to the client PC via the corporate LAN.

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