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About software deployment on the corporate LAN

If you have GV STRATUS client PCs that are on a network that SiteConfig does not manage, such as your corporate LAN, you can configure your system description to allow software deployment to those devices. This method uses SiteConfig as a software deployment tool only, as you cannot configure network settings on the device or manage the device's network. With this method you create an unmanaged network in SiteConfig, add the DNS server(s) to the control point PC, then when you add the PC, edit the control interface and set it to the unmanaged network. This allows communication with the GV STRATUS client PCs. Then add a placeholder device for each of your GV STRATUS client PCs. With this method you do not use SiteConfig device discovery, and it is not necessary to install a discovery agent on the GV STRATUS client PC. Rather, you configure SiteConfig to look up the address via DNS or hosts file. This allows the GV STRATUS client PC to communicate as if it was a discovered device. SiteConfig can then deploy software to the device.

If necessary, get help from your IT department to ensure that the SiteConfig PC is configured to communicate with the PCs on the corporate network. If SiteConfig can ping the PC, SiteConfig can deploy software to the PC.

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