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Adding a Proxy Storage file system server to the SiteConfig system description

Do this if you have a Proxy Storage system and it is not yet included in the SiteConfig system description.
  • The Proxy Storage system must be cabled and powered on.
  • The system description must contain a group.

This procedure assumes that your online or production K2 SAN is already added to the system description. If you have not yet added your online or production K2 SAN to the system description, you can add both the K2 SAN and the Proxy Storage system at the same time. To do so, make the appropriate selection on the first page of the New Site Wizard, then refer to "K2 10G SAN Installation and Service Manual" for more information.

  1. In the Network Configuration | Devices tree view, right-click a group and select Add Device.
  2. Configure settings for the device you are adding as follows:
    • Family – Select STRATUS.
    • Type – Select STRATUS Server.
    • Model – Select STRATUS Proxy Storage File System Server.
    • Name – This is the device name, as displayed in the SiteConfig device tree view and device list view. This name can be different than the host name (network name). You can accept the default name or enter a name of your choice. Devices in the tree view are sorted alphabetically.
    • Amount — Select 1.
    • Platform — Select x64.
    • Control network– Select the control network.
    • Starting Address – Select from the list of available addresses on the selected control network. If adding multiple devices, this is the starting address, with addresses assigned sequentially to each device added.
  3. Click OK to save settings and close. SiteConfig adds the Proxy Storage file system server to the system description as a placeholder device.
  4. Verify that the unmanaged control network interface is configured correctly and modify if necessary.

Next, add the GV STRATUS server to the control network.

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