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Adding GV STRATUS client PCs on corporate LAN for software deployment

Only systems with GV STRATUS client PCs on the corporate LAN require this process. Establish communication between SiteConfig and corporate LAN PCs without using device discovery.

If you have PCs on the corporate LAN, use this topic to get the PCs communicating with SiteConfig in order to support software deployment. Do not attempt to use device discovery.

  1. Select the placeholder device for the corporate LAN PC.
  2. In the interfaces list view, right-click an interface and select Edit. The Unmanaged Network Interface Details dialog box opens.
  3. Configure the settings for the interface as follows:
    • Network – Select the corporate LAN. This is an unmanaged network, which can use DHCP or an external hosts file.
    • IP Address – Make no selection.
    • DNS Suffix – For communication on some networks, a suffix, such as mycorp.com, must be added to host names.
    • Remaining settings are irrelevant, as SiteConfig does not manage this device's network.
  4. Configure for the device name as follows:
    1. In the tree-view select the placeholder device.
    2. In the Device list view right-click the device and select Edit. The Edit Device dialog box opens.
    3. Edit the hostname.
    4. If using DHCP, specify a domain name.
    5. Click OK to save settings and close.
  5. Click OK to save settings and close.
  6. From the PC the hosts SiteConfig, ping the corporate LAN PC to verify communication.

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