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Add software package to deployment group for GV STRATUS client PCs

  • The GV STRATUS devices to which you are deploying software must have their SiteConfig roles correctly configured.
  • The GV STRATUS devices to which you are deploying software must be in a deployment group.
GV STRATUS Client PC low-resolution (proxy):
  • SiteConfig "Add Device":
    • Family: GV STRATUS
      Note: Do not select the EDIUS family.
    • Device Type: GV STRATUS Client
  • SiteConfig roles:
    • GV STRATUS Application
    • EDIUS (Required for EDIUS XS)
  • Software packages:
    • GrassValley_STRATUSClient_x.x.x.cab, which contains the following cab files that apply to this device:
      • GrassValley_STRATUS_Application_x.x.x.cab
      • EDIUS_x.x.x.cab (Required for EDIUS XS)

  1. In the Software Deployment | Deployment Groups tree view, select a deployment group.
  2. Click the Add button. The Add Package(s) dialog box opens.
  3. Do one of the following to select the software package:
    • Select from the list of packages then click OK.
    • Click Browse, browse to and select the package, then click Open.
  4. If one or more EULAs are displayed, accept them to proceed. If you do not accept a EULA, the associated software is not assigned to the deployment group. SiteConfig adds the package to the deployment group.

The package appears in the Managed Packages list for the selected deployment group. SiteConfig creates new software deployment tasks for the package and displays them in the Tasks list view.

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