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Installing software on a standalone Database Server

Use SiteConfig to install software on the standalone Database server.

  • The server on which you are installing software must be in the SiteConfig system description and communicating on the control network.
  • The server on which you are installing software must have its credentials set in SiteConfig to allow access.
  1. Verify the SiteConfig roles currently assigned to the server. If the roles are not correct for your system design, add or remove roles accordingly. Roles are as follows:
    • GV STRATUS Database
    • GV Log Manager
    • GV Embedded Security Manager
  2. Add the server to a deployment group, such as the GV STRATUS deployment group.
  3. Add the following files to the deployment group:
    • GrassValley_CoreServer_x.x.x.cab, which contains the following cab files that apply to this device:
      • GrassValley_STRATUS_Databases_x.x.x.cab
      • GrassValley_LogManager_x.x.x.cab
      • GVEmbeddedSecurityManager_x.x.x.cab
    Refer to release notes for version numbers.
  4. Do the SiteConfig Check Software operation on the server.
    Note: If an "Unable to copy ... to target" error appears for a device that has the Grass Valley Embedded Security solution, apply the Embedded Security solution one-time initial deployment process to the device. After the one-time process is complete the error does not appear and it is no longer necessary to put Embedded Security in Update mode.
  5. Verify that deployment tasks are set to Install for the files listed above. If a WFRegMon install task appears, install it as well. It is required to support Grass Valley software installers. There is no uninstall task.
  6. Deploy software to the server.
  7. Restart as prompted.

Next, go to Core | STRATUS Core Services | Primary Site in the GV STRATUS Control Panel and select the standalone Database Server from the STRATUS Database Server setting.

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