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Verify software roles

All systems require this process.

Verify that the roles assigned to your GV STRATUS client PCs in SiteConfig are correct for your system design.

  1. In the Software Deployment | Devices tree view, expand a device’s node to expose the roles currently assigned to the device.
  2. Identify roles as follows:
    • GV STRATUS client PCs on the corporate LAN for a proxy media workflow have the following role:
      • GV STRATUS Application
      • EDIUS (Required for EDIUS XS)
    • GV STRATUS client PCs on the control/media network for a high-resolution media workflow have the following roles:
      • GV STRATUS Application
      • StorNext File System Client (non K2 only)
      • Generic iSCSI Client (non K2 only)
        Note: First install StorNext File System Client, then install Generic iSCSI Client via SiteConfig for the following:
        • First installation of GV STRATUS application into a system.
        • When there is an upgrade of the StorNext File System Client.
      • EDIUS (Required for EDIUS Workgroup)
  3. If the roles are not correct for your system design, add or remove roles accordingly.

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