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Adding a GV STRATUS server to the control network with SiteConfig

Use SiteConfig to configure network settings on a separate GV STRATUS server.

Before doing this task, make sure the GV STRATUS server is added as a placeholder device to the SiteConfig system description.
The following steps are the standard tasks for adding a device to the control network using SiteConfig. Use these steps for the GV STRATUS server you are adding.
  1. Discover the device using SiteConfig device discovery.
  2. Assign the discovered device to the placeholder device in the SiteConfig system description.
  3. Modify the control network interface to ensure communication on the control network.
  4. Modify the host name and/or device name as desired.
  5. Ping the device to verify network communication.
  6. Verify credentials to ensure SiteConfig can install software on the device.
  7. Generate and/or add to host tables as appropriate for your network.

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