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K2 SAN prerequisites for adding devices

The following K2 SAN preparations are required to support adding a device to the SAN:
  • All K2 Media Servers and/or K2 RAID storage devices must be installed and cabled.
  • The control network must be operational with K2 devices communicating. At the command prompt, use the ping command to verify.
  • The media network (non-redundant) or networks (redundant) must be operational. You can check this with the K2Config application.
  • K2 RAID devices must have disks bound and be configured as required for operation on the K2 SAN.
  • K2 Media Servers must be configured such that an operational media file system is present.
  • K2 Ethernet switches must be configured and have V-LANs set up.
  • The K2 Media Server with role of file system server must be licensed as appropriate for the design of your K2 SAN.

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