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Installing Multi-Path I/O Software

This task applies only to 64-bit systems.

The following procedure is required for devices that are clients to a K2 SAN clients that have their Gigabit Media ports connected to the two iSCSI Media networks. This configuration is used for redundant K2 SANs.

The files for the Multi-Path I/O software are copied on to the system when the K2 software is installed.

  1. Access the Windows desktop on the computer on which you are installing MPIO. You can do this locally with a connected keyboard, mouse, and monitor or remotely via the Windows Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. Stop all media access. If AppCenter is open, close it.
  3. Click Start | Run, type cmd and press Enter. The MS-DOS command prompt window opens.
  4. From the command prompt, navigate to the C:\profile\mpio directory.
  5. Type the following at the command prompt:

    gdsminstall64.exe -i

  6. Press Enter. The software is installed. The command prompt window reports progress.
  7. Restart the computer on which you installed MPIO.
  8. After restart, to verify that the software is installed, on the Windows desktop right-click My Computer and select Manage. The Computer Management window opens.

  9. In the left pane select Device Manager.
  10. In the right pane open the System devices node and verify that GVG ISCSI Multi-Path Device Specific Module is listed.

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