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Creating a new file system - Proxy Storage

  • Fibre Channel cable(s) must be connected
  • Ethernet cable(s) must be connected
  • Power must be on
  • Disks must be bound
  • Fibre channel cable(s) must be connected
  • Power must be on
  • Disks must be bound
  1. If you have not already done so, launch Storage Utility from the K2Config application.
  2. As prompted, wait while Storage Utility gathers system information, then Storage Utility opens.
  3. In Storage Utility, click Tools | Make New File System. The Setting dialog box opens.

  4. For a Proxy Storage system, enter zero as the Real Time Input/Output (RTIO) rate.
  5. Leave Windows Security unchecked.
  6. Click OK. The Configuration File dialog box opens.

    The configuration file for the media file system is displayed.
  7. Verify media file system parameters. Do not edit the configuration file for the media file system.
  8. Click Accept. A “…Please wait…” message box displays progress and a “…succeeded…” message confirms the process is complete. A message informs you that you must restart the server, however the restart at the end of the Configure K2 Server wizard suffices, so you do not need to restart now.
  9. Close the Storage Utility.
    Note: Do not attempt to start SAN-attached systems or otherwise bring the SAN online until instructed to do so by the documented procedure.

Next, continue with configuring the server using the K2Config application.

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