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GV STRATUS Known Problems

The following limitations are present in this release of software. If you wish to obtain more information about these limitations, please mention the reference numbers.




Description: An undocked panel, when located on a GV STRATUS client PC's secondary monitor, does not remain maximized if the GV STRATUS application is minimized then restored.
Workaround: After minimizing/restoring the GV STRATUS application, adjust undocked panels on secondary monitors.



Description: In the GV STRATUS application there is no indicator that identifies a clip as a Super Slo-Mo clip.
Workaround: View clips in the K2 AppCenter application to identify Super Slo-Mo clips.



Description: In a list details mode, applying a column filter can make scroll bars disappear, resulting in the inability to scroll to the desired location in the list. This occurs if the list is large enough to require scroll bars and then scrolling to the right to apply a column filter. If the filter yields an empty list that does not require scroll bars, there is no scroll bar available to scroll back to the left.
Workaround: Right-click the list, select Filters, and in the dialog box that opens modify the filters.



Description: Proxy media does not load after regenerating proxy if the asset remains open in Inspector.
  1. Load an asset into Inspector that does not have proxy media.
  2. Regenerate proxy for that asset.
  3. Load a different asset into Inspector.
  4. Load the asset for which you regenerated proxy. Now the proxy media loads.



Description: Renaming a bin removes the bin from the Favorites node.
Workaround: Add the renamed bin to the Favorites node again.




Description: Assets deleted on K2 Dyno appear in the GV STRATUS Lost and Found bin.
Workaround: Delete the assets from the GV STRATUS Lost and Found bin.



Description: Wrong Mark In/Out display on Asset List for the merged import of trimmed clips via the RMI tool.
Workaround: Drag the imported clip into the Inspector and select Relationships | Markers tab to view the correct Mark In/Out display in the Inspector panel.



Description: The new name is not displayed in GV STRATUS Control Panel Authorization Manager when renaming a group or user.
Workaround: Restart the GV STRATUS Control Panel application.




Description: A custom metadata field appears in an Asset List and cannot be removed. This occurs when a custom metadata field is added that has the same name as a field that was previously deleted.
Workaround: Before deleting a custom metadata field, rename it to a name that you will not use again.




Description: GV STRATUS is unable to play legacy proxy that has 44.1kHz audio.
Workaround: To get audio, the video should be restored from archive and the proxy should be regenerated..




Description: MXF and QuickTime export fails when exporting a list created in Storyboard Editor. This occurs if one or more clips in the list have no ancillary data track and fewer than four audio tracks, which creates empty tracks that are not compatible with the export format.
Workaround: Ensure clips have an ancillary data track and four or more audio tracks.



Description: Removing channels in Ingest configuration with auto-assigned events still scheduled on that channel will cause the events to start recording on other channels during the event start time.
Workaround: Remove all events that have been set to Auto-Assign before removing the channel.



Description: An asset cannot be added to a Storyboard list, conformed, or used to generate proxy. This occurs if the clip has one or more video, audio, or data track modified in K2 AppCenter. This can change the clip to a "Sequence" asset in the GV STRATUS application and limit its use.
Workaround: Use EDIUS to modify asset tracks.



Description: When deleting an asset from a location, if the asset has multiple high-resolution associations, all high-resolution associations in all locations are deleted. For more information refer to the related topic about asset copies and deletions in this Topic Library.

To delete a high-resolution association, do the following:

  1. Load the asset into the Inspector.
  2. Click on the Associations tab.
  3. Select and delete the desired high-resolution association from the tab.



Description: Copying assets back and forth between the same locations on different K2 storage systems results in unexpected behavior. Automatic rename and overwrite features do not produce the expected asset names and associations.
Workaround: Once an asset is copied to a different K2 storage location, do not copy it back to its original location.



Description: Transfers and sends between local and remote GV STRATUS sites have unexpected results if a transferred asset already exists at the destination. The destination asset is overwritten with no warning. This applies to transfer and to Send Destination.
Workaround: Delete or rename assets so that assets to be transferred or sent do not exist at the destination.



Description: A playlist has no thumbnail and is empty. This occurs if the playlist was created, then deleted, on a connected K2 Dyno Replay Controller.
Workaround: In the GV STRATUS application, delete the playlist.



Description: "Video Playback Is Not Available" displays in Inspector when attempting to play a subclip with no proxy association. This can occur when using a high-resolution workflow to create subclips, such as on high-resolution GV STRATUS client, editor, or a K2 Dyno Reply Controller, and the parent clip has no proxy association.
Workaround: Make sure the high-resolution parent clip has a proxy association by using a clip recorded on a K2 Summit channel that immediately creates proxy files, or by waiting until a GV STRATUS Render Engine generates proxy files for the high-resolution parent clip.



Description: Local proxy video is missing and cannot be generated for an asset transferred from a remote site to the local site. This occurs if the asset is not of type "Clip", such as a subclip or a list.
Workaround: Export/import MXF or MOV formats rather than remote transfer. Or, once transferred, conform the asset. Both of these workarounds result an asset of type "Clip".



Description: When the Conform Engine renders a complex MPEG2 asset, the resulting simple clip is in a higher video format (bitrate) than that specified in GV STRATUS Control Panel Format settings.
Workaround: This is as designed. The bitrate is increased to the minimum required to avoid encoding issues.


Description: When recording in Scheduler with a set duration, the resultant clip is shorter than the duration set. This occurs after changing the NTSC/PAL reference standard in General | Format | Formats.
Workaround: After changing the reference standard, restart the Core/Express server to recalibrate the record duration setting.


Description: MOV imports are failing randomly but very often on GV STRATUS ISILON system.
Workaround: Use MXF/GXF imports or transcode during import using rules.
STR-40993 Description: Assets could not be loaded when a Summit MDI is deleted with the "Delete MDI Only" option selected, and then re-added with a different port number.
Workaround: Configure the new Summit MDI to use the same port number as the deleted Summit MDI.
STR-42062 Description: If a Summit MDI is renamed, then all rules configured to that Summit MDI stopped working.
Workaround: Change every rule associated with the renamed Summit MDI to point to the new Summit MDI name.
STR-46958 Description: The GV STRATUS application is unable to open after an upgrade if registry entries for RSA/SHA512 and ECDSA/SHA512 are missing.
Workaround: Install the following Windows updates on the core server:
  • KB2975719


  • KB2919355
Note: Always install the required Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable update before installing the latest Windows Important Updates.
STR-49479 Description: GV Embedded Security Manager fails to uninstall version, which is part of the K2 Summit image.
Workaround: Check Software via SiteConfig on each K2 Summit after the failure. The uninstall task of version comes back and works on a second try.
STR-49672 Description: K2 Central displays as "Unable to connect" on Core | Proxy Config | Test Connections tab of the GV STRATUS Control Panel.
Workaround: Start the GV STRATUS K2 Configuration Service on the K2 Central manually.
STR-50980 Description: Playback fails for XDCAM-EX and XDCAM-HD422 assets after the drag and drop operation from K2-Avid Explorer into an Avid bin.
Workaround: Import via AMA link to playback those XDCAM-EX and XDCAM-HD422 assets.
STR-53128 Description: Deleting a logical group that contains assets is not supported, but the logical group will be moved into the Lost and Found bin.
Workaround: None
STR-67687 Description: GV I/O channel fails to record after switching the video format.
Workaround: When changing a video feed on the GV I/O appliance, the signal feed on the SDI input of the AJA card must be set first. Then in GV STRATUS Control Panel, change the Channel Format in General | Channels | GV I/O settings to match the format of the new video feed.
STR-67999 Description: GV I/O channel fails to cue and playout a clip that has both 16-bit and 24-bit audio tracks.
Workaround: Make sure that all audio tracks in the clip are of the same type.
STR-68244 Description: When upgrading a GV STRATUS 6.5 system with SNFS 6.0 via SiteConfig, the previous version of SNFS does NOT get automatically uninstalled, but the newer version is installed.
Workaround: Using SiteConfig, do the following:
  1. Remove and re-add all SNFS devices to the deployment group(s) and then Check Software again.
  2. Re-deploy SNFS to capture the latest software version.
STR-68352 Description:
  • If the default GVAdmin account does not exist in the GV STRATUS Core server after a clean install, users are not allowed to log into GV STRATUS Control Panel.
  • If the system delegate credentials are modified in the workgroup/domain prior to being reconfigured in GV STRATUS Control Panel, users are not allowed to log into GV STRATUS Control Panel.
  • When performing a clean install of GV STRATUS version 6.8, the default GVAdmin account credentials must exist and be valid for the GV STRATUS Core server.
  • If altering credentials:
    • If changing the delegate credentials password without changing the username, reconfigure the password within GV STRATUS Control Panel before altering the password within the workgroup/domain. If the password has already been changed and GV STRATUS Control Panel is unusable, restore the password to its previous value, then reconfigure in GV STRATUS Control Panel.
    • If changing both username and password, the order of operations is unimportant and GV STRATUS Control Panel will not be negatively impacted as long as the credentials are valid.
STR-68445 Description: GV I/O channel's Record and Playout-specific options do not update in the Channel Panel tool after changing them in the GV STRATUS Control Panel.
Workaround: The GV STRATUS desktop application needs to be restarted after changing a GV I/O channel from Playout to Record or from Record to Playout in order to see updated configuration options in the Channel Panel tool.
STR-68640 Description: When launching the GV STRATUS Control Panel application, the splash screen displays 'The connection type for (machine name) could not be resolved" message.
Workaround: None. It does not affect the GV STRATUS Control Panel application and will be fixed in the next release.
STR-69326 Description: Protected assets will not transfer from a remote site to a local site.
Workaround: Disable the Protected status of the asset before transferring from remote site to the local site.
Note: Protected assets can be transferred from local site to a remote site, but not the other way around.
STR-69574 Description: When setting mark in/out for a 720p XDCAM Long GOP asset using a GV I/O channel, the marks will be forced to the nearest even video frame.
Workaround: None.
STR-69697 Description: Conforming an EDL from GV STRATUS Web Client's Simple Editor fails while working with growing assets.
Workaround: Make sure asset recordings have been completed or stopped before conforming an EDL.
STR-69723 Description: Changing a GV I/O channel input to SMPTE 2110 from either SDI, SMPTE 2022-6, or Web Stream, after previously saving a different SMPTE 2110 channel allows saving the channel configuration without uploading a new SDP file.
Workaround: Set the SDP file for the particular channel before saving your settings. If not, the channel will be configured with an incorrect SDP file from another SMPTE 2110 channel.

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