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GV STRATUS Version 3.0

  • Multisite — Enables remote browsing of proxy media and transfer of media across distributed facilities or from field locations.
  • HTTP server — Provides access to proxy media, replacing the SMB mount access in previous versions.
  • Search indexing service — Enables faster search across assets.
  • Rules enhancements — Includes the following:
    • Archive rule
    • Restore rule
    • Export rule exports metadata only
    • Export SCC close captioning when using 3rd party transcoders
    • Thumbnail export
    • Integration with Telestream® Vantage™ 3rd party transcoding engine
  • DataMover Engine — Supports transfers between devices outside the GV STRATUS system.
  • Full Screen — Provides full screen playback and timecode selection.
  • Playback ganged clips — Clips recorded as a gang are associated for playback.
  • Inspector improvements — Simplified tabs and the ability to reorder properties provide improved access to information.
  • OpenMedia News Room Computer System — Support for MOS integration with the Annova OpenMedia NRCS.
  • Trim Rights — Restricts the trim operation to designated user accounts.
  • Metadata — Reordering of metadata and printing of metadata report card.
  • Event Viewer — An improved GV Event Viewer application provides easier access to system information.
  • Documentation — Use K2/STRATUS Documentation Set 071-8910-01 September 2013. The following manuals have been revised:
    • "GV STRATUS User Manual" 071-8813-06
    • "GV STRATUS Installation and Service Manual" 071-8814-06
    • "FT Server Instruction Manual" 071-8852-02
    In addition to the manuals on the Documentation Set, use these release notes and "GV STRATUS Upgrade Instructions" 071-8853-08.

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