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GV STRATUS Version 3.1

  • Search — Enhanced search features provide an advanced query syntax for searching one or more words and for using boolean operators. This changes the behavior of a simple search. Previously, a simple search of multiple words, with no syntax, was a phrase search only. Now you must use the advanced query syntax to specify a phrase search.
  • Internal system account — You can change the internal system account from the default GVAdmin account to a different account, if required by your site's policies.
    Note: Do not change internal system account except under the supervision of qualified Grass Valley Support personnel. Extensive system configuration is required to achieve a working GV STRATUS system.
  • Rules — Support for Harmonic® Workflow System (WFS™), conform, priority, and other enhancements.
  • Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC — A GV STRATUS plug-in to Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC provides edit-in-place and enhanced workflow.
  • Documentation — Use K2/STRATUS Documentation Set 071-8910-02 December 2013. The following manuals have been revised:
    • "GV STRATUS Installation and Service Manual" 071-8814-07
    • "FT Server Instruction Manual" 071-8852-03
    The following manual has been revised to support the GV STRATUS plug-in to Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC . Use this version of the manual rather than the version on K2/STRATUS Documentation Set 071-8910-02.
    • "GV STRATUS User Manual" 071-8813-08
    In addition to the documentation listed above, use these release notes and "GV STRATUS Upgrade Instructions" 071-8853-09.

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