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GV STRATUS Version 3.5

  • GV STRATUS Digital Media Platform (DMP) — GV STRATUS DMP is the industry’s most highly integrated and powerful toolset for content delivery to the full spectrum of digital destinations. In a shift from a technology-centric approach to business-driven workflows, users can create a set of properties that accompany content throughout the production and preparation processes, and new properties can be created at each stage. These properties eventually determine to which media the content is sent, how it must be transcoded or reformatted to be suitable to those destinations, special instructions for content embargoes depending on the specific destination medium, and content replacement instructions for both files and live streams added either manually or automatically via an Ignite Production Automation system.
    The following specific GV STRATUS 3.5 enhancements enable the GV STRATUS Digital Media Platform:
    • New custom metadata type
    • Metadata categories (Tabs)
    • Segmentation tool improvements
    • Segment template metadata back to NRCS for markup
    • Search for segments
    • Online Video Platform (Brightcove) interface
    • Additional live encoding and file transcoding interface - Elemental Technologies
    • Rules Engine enhancements
      • Export support for multiple transcode profiles in one rule
      • Force metadata value on export
      • Force lower or UPPER case extension on export
      • E-mail notifications on export failure/success
      • Elemental file encoder support
      • Faster and better CC extraction with K2 Summit for SCC and TTML
        Note: Rules based CC extraction through 3rd party transcode products is no longer supported.
  • Rule-based Import of content and metadata — Import Rules provide broad ability for importing virtually all file types including user generated content, syndicated "store and forward" file delivery systems, and still images.
    • Configure rules in GV STRATUS Control Panel
    • Rules will act on combinations of folder locations and file extensions
    • Accompanying metatada can be mapped to GV STRATUS database and imported
  • Enhanced K2 Dyno integration with support for scheduled multicam recording — Consistent with the K2 Dyno environment, with GV STRATUS you can now access and work with multicam angle assets in same way as standard clips.
  • Various other significant capabilities — Numerous additional enhancements in version 3.5 are applicable to the GV STRATUS Digital Media Platform and/or add new functionality to existing GV STRATUS workflows:
    • Support for Evoxe NIS5 newsroom computer system
    • GV STRATUS Render Engine replaces GV STRATUS Conform and GV STRATUS XRE
    • GV STRATUS VTR Ingest application (GV STRATUS enabled version of Aurora VTR Ingest)
    • GV STRATUS VTR Controller application (GV STRATUS enabled version of Aurora VTR Controller)
    • Subclips preserve original clip metadata including markers when in range
    • User roles:
      • Move - to enable/disable users to move assets
      • Rename bin - to enable/disable users to rename bin
      • Queue management - to enable/disable users to manage job queues (cancel etc.)
      • Force delete assets for media manager - bypass protection by association
    • F11 send dialog box enhancements
      • You can now add a description on send
      • Description is added to placeholder when saved
      • Description is added to clip when "Send" is done
    • Partial file transfer from remote to local site.
    • Search enhancements
      • Search for segments
      • Use "quotes" in search to search for characters like _-+*/= and for exact match searches
    • EDIUS enhancements:
      • You can do audio mapping including AC3 and Dolby E
      • Audio mixer available on sources
      • Audio monitoring setting (mono/stereo/custom)
      Refer to EDIUS product documentation for more information.
    • Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC enhancements
      • Support for Mac OS
      • F11 send dialog export box including link to NRCS placeholders
      • Advanced searches
      • Sorting
    • Avid transfers without DHM and without Avid Transfer Manager powered by Marquis MEWS API services
    • GV STRATUS User Interface enhancements
      • Scroll dates by year and months in calendar views
      • New color scheme with choices of 4 different themes with purple or green highlights
      • ALP displays creation date for placeholder
      • "Favorite" enhancements: Now you can add anything in Favorites, including segment templates
  • Documentation — PDF manuals are replaced by an online HTML format Topic Library. Refer to Topic Library replaces PDF manuals.
  • About product naming — Effective with GV STRATUS 3.5 version and as part of the introduction of cloud enabled GV STRATUS Playout for play-to-air workflows, two existing applications have been adapted for use in GV STRATUS installations:
    • Version of Aurora Playout application modified for GV STRATUS environment is introduced under the name of GV STRATUS Rundown. No new nomenclature or ordering information is associated with this introduction as the product remains activated by GV STRATUS Elite licenses.
    • Version of Aurora VTR Ingest modified for GV STRATUS environment is introduced under the name of GV STRATUS VTR Ingest, with new nomenclature STRATUS-VTR-ING. Other than an updated GUI color scheme, the GV STRATUS VTR Ingest application has identical specifications as the Aurora VTR Ingest product.
    Both Aurora Playout and Aurora VTR Ingest applications are still available for deployments in non-GV STRATUS installations, such as in standalone configurations or with Aurora Suite.

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