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GV STRATUS Version 3.5.1

  • Wide Area News field editing integration with EDIUS Elite — Grass Valley’s Wide Area News toolset has been created to provide news operations the utmost flexibility in allocating resources between field and newsroom operations. Wide Area News removes the distance barrier, giving field personnel an editing experience identical to the one they would enjoy in the newsroom with the same access to central newsroom content. By mixing newsroom proxy with locally shot full resolution clips the field user can create finished product with no missing scenes of “black holes”. There is no need to transfer full resolution content to the field since a smart conform server at the home base will automatically find the full resolution content for any shots covered by proxy in the field.
    The following specific GV STRATUS 3.5 enhancements enable Grass Valley Wide Area News:
    • Support for mixed full resolution/proxy timeline in EDIUS Elite in the field to support mixing local full resolution content in timeline with "home base" proxies
    • New "Home/Field" project setting in EDIUS Elite
    • Send partially rendered project to home base for final render where proxies are replaced with full resolution

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