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GV STRATUS Version 4.5

  • Render Engine replaces Proxy Encoder — The GV Render Engine now supports Proxy Encoder functionality.
    • H.264 proxy supported.
    • Proxy quality can be configured with low, medium, and high resolution.
    • Systems with existing Proxy Encoder servers must convert to Render Engine servers.
  • Scheduled Transfer — The new tool in GV STRATUS application to schedule asset transfers into a repository.
  • Resource Management — The new utility in GV STRATUS Control Panel to monitor and manage available resources.
  • MEWS Service enhancements:
    • Support for multiple MEWS engines, each of them providing 3 simultaneous transfer streams.
    • Using the GV STRATUS rules engine, transfer of growing files from GV STRATUS / K2 into Avid, and edit-while-transfer.
    • MEWS transcoding of media files upon transfer from GV STRATUS to Avid or export from Avid to GV STRATUS. This is a licensed option.
    • Send from GV STRATUS / K2 into Avid ISIS / Interplay, checking asset and all pre-configured metadata (including custom metadata fields) into Interplay.
  • EDIUS Project Management — Addition of EDIUS Projects directory in the GV STRATUS application and STRATUS Browser to ease project management and workflow in EDIUS.
  • EDIUS Workgroup — The EDIUS Elite product has been rebranded and renamed as the EDIUS Workgroup.
  • User interface enhancements:
    • Revamp of the whole GV STRATUS user interface with new look and feel.
    • Movable overlay controls in Inspector and Source Viewer.
    • Scrub Bar Zoom to navigate and zoom in Inspector and other Viewers.
  • ENPS workflow enhancements — The MOS item workflow by inserting assets directly as MOS items into ENPS scripts.
  • Dyno workflow enhancements — Browse camera angles in Asset Lists.
  • K2 Summit 9.5 support — GV STRATUS supports K2 Summit version 9.5 with this release. SNFS (StoreNext File System) version 4.7.2 is required. For more details, refer to Compatible K2 Summit/Solo components and the "Upgrading K2 systems" section of the K2 Topic Library.
  • K2 Dyno 3.5 support — GV STRATUS supports K2 Dyno S Replay Controller version 3.5 with this release. For more details, refer to K2 Dyno S 3.5 Topic Library.

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