Other Topic Library Versions

GV STRATUS Version 4.0

  • Security — When GV STRATUS Security is enforced, the Security Manager role allows you to set access permissions and assign ownership to assets and bins. Also, a security certificate installed on the GV STRATUS Core server enhances the security of the GV STRATUS system.
  • GV STRATUS software installation automatically creates and installs a security certificate on the GV STRATUS Core server. No manual steps are required.
  • Metadata Mapping — For material imported with the RMI tool, metadata can be mapped to GV STRATUS metadata.
  • Send Message — Advanced Logging Tool panels can be sent via the Send Message tool.
  • Camera angles — Angles can be selected in Inspector and Channel Panel, for clips that are a part of a K2 Dyno camera angle set or a GV STRATUS gang record set.
  • Conform and clean — When deleting an asset, options are available to conform associated lists and subclips.
  • EDIUS for GV STRATUS — EDIUS Elite and EDIUS XS launch mode combined.
  • Ingest Schedule Monitor — The schedule can be displayed on a large screen for viewing by a group of people.
  • Workflow Engine — Aspera Server supported in GV STRATUS Rules.
  • Documentation — The following organization and structural changes have been made to the GV STRATUS Topic Library:
    • Release note and upgrade sections for GV STRATUS Rundown and GV STRATUS VTR Ingest consolidated with sections for GV STRATUS.
    • Added master list of Grass Valley ports.
    • Added sections for fully qualified domain and SMB storage.
    • Removed Director tool sections.

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