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GV STRATUS Version 5.0

  • QuotasGV STRATUS supports the ability to view disk space quotas that had been reserved for specific K2 bins. For more details, refer to The Dashboard tool and About application status.
  • Live Advanced Logging — Add markers instantly to still recording assets via Live Mode in the Advanced Logging tool. For more info, refer to Logging assets in Live Mode.
  • 64 channels Audio SupportGV STRATUS supports the media workflow of assets up to 64 audio tracks on high resolution clients. For more info, refer to Using the Audio Overlay.
  • Audio Tags and scalable Audio Meters — The display of audio tags and audio meters can be configured and customized for the GV STRATUS system. For more info, refer to Mapping audio channels and Configuring Player User Preferences.
  • Copy of metadataGV STRATUS supports the copy of asset's metadata for users assigned with the Copy Metadata role. For more info, refer to Copying asset metadata.
  • Import of ThumbnailsGV STRATUS supports the import of thumbnails for assets. For more info, refer to Importing image file as thumbnail of an asset.
  • Assignable High Resolution Thumbnails — High resolution thumbnails can be assigned to assets in the GV STRATUS application. For more info, refer to Changing the thumbnail of an asset.
  • Restore assets from keywordsGV STRATUS supports the restore of archived assets from keywords. For more info, refer to Restoring assets from keywords.
  • GV Log Viewer — A new Grass Valley log monitoring application with the capability to view and monitor all GV STRATUS machines. For more info, refer to Working with GV Log Viewer.
  • Move growing filesGV STRATUS supports the move of growing files between K2 Summit bins. For more info, refer to Transferring between bins using drag and drop.
  • Export EDIUS Markers and Keywords — EDIUS supports the ability to export markers and keywords into GV STRATUS. For more details, refer to Sending EDIUS sequences with markers and keywords to GV STRATUS.
  • Restore of archived asset in EDIUS Workgroup — EDIUS Workgroup supports the ability to restore archived assets from GV STRATUS system. For more details, refer to Restoring archived assets in EDIUS.
  • Custom metadata for Markers and Keywords — GV STRATUS supports custom metadata for markers and keywords in the GV STRATUS plug-in for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC . For more details, refer to Viewing asset metadata.
  • Bug fixes — This release consists of bug fixes to improve the reliability and performance of the GV STRATUS application.
  • Documentation — The following changes have been updated to the GV STRATUS 5.0 Topic Library:

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